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No more evil than anyone else in the world is capable of being

19.11.2013 by Elena JJJ | Filed under Без рубрики.

If you can look past the Fanservice and gratuitous nudity (no small feat, mind), High School DD shows that Devils really aren’t all that evil. No more evil than anyone else in the world is capable of being. It turns out that while Angels have been fighting Devils for ages, the Holy Bible is merely just the largest piece of propaganda that God ever created. Angels and followers of God maliciously attack them because they were told that they are evil and must be destroyed (They don’t show any mercy to normal humans either, which is how the whole series starts.) There are magics in play for each side though. For example, a Devil reading or reciting the Bible will experience pain for trying. The devils usually just try to get by with using their magics to curry favors from clients. They use their magics to fulfill some type of reasonable desire or request, and are paid for their services, but not with people’s souls or anything like that. All in all, Devils, and Satan, are just ordinary people trying to live their lives. It’s just propaganda that makes the Angels and Fallen Angels give them trouble. However, it should also be noted that just like Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels can be perfectly civil and kind. The Archangel Michael is pretty much the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, and the leader of the Fallen Angels is pretty reasonable as well. Honestly, the only thing that really separates the three races from humans is the fact that they have magic powers.

Please help out!Tropes: Annoying Arrows: In the first episode. Berserker Tears: Eri in Episode 13. Though it’s hard to take seriously since it comes off as more of an immature temper tantrum in her case. Beware the Nice Ones: Eri. Classical Anti Hero: Eri. Covers Always Lie: One of the DVD covers shows Eri, Yuko, Reka, Mani, Shall and Beret swimming under water. And of course, this never happens at all in the series. Deconstruction: Of the Trapped in Another World genre. Deus ex Machina: In the final episode’s ending. Every Girl Is Cuter with Hair Decs: Eri has a large bow in her hair. Hypocrite: In episode 8, Yuko accuses Reka of being selfish and only thinking about herself, even though this is ironically what Yuko does pretty much throughout the entire series. Jerkass: Dall, Deum, Orto and Yuko. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Yuko to an extent. No Periods, Period: Averted; one of the girls worries about her period coming while in another world. Pinball Protagonist: Eri and Yuko don’t really do much throughout the story, except for just communicating with the other characters. This is one of the main criticisms the anime received from reviewers. Potty Dance: Eri does a Seiza Squirm version of this at the start of Episode 2. Potty Emergency: Eri has one at the start of Episode 2. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Yuko and Eri respectively. Smug Snake: Dall thinks of himself as a Well Intentioned Extremist, but in actuality, he’s just an arrogant sociopath who will do anything to satisfy his own ego, even if it means sacrificing others. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Yuko is the tomboy to Eri’s girly girl. Tomboyish Voice: Yuko possesses this. Trapped in Another World.

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