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Snowy is a more accurate representation of the person typing

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Smart People Play Chess: The chessboard on the barracks table which is used as a secret mailbox for Price and Schulz. Spell My Name with a «The»: Animal goes back and forth being referred to as, «Animal» and, «The Animal». Those Two Guys: Shapiro and Animal, natch. Those Wacky Nazis: In variety. Took a Level in Dumbass: Animal does this very briefly, after hacking on Sefton’s moonshine, and pulling his cap down over his eyes; after Sefton remarks, «All the house guarantees is you don’t go blind», Animal starts freaking out because he thinks he’s gone blind. Even Harry remarks, «Blind? How stupid can you get, Animal?» before pulling his cap back over his head. Verbal Tic: Marco the Mailman’s «At ease! At ease!» Waxing Lyrical: Von Sherbach comments on the nasty weather, and says he wishes they could have a white Christmas, «just like the ones you used to know». Wham Line: In universe. See The Reveal above.

Wholesale Replica Bags Mazinger Z: The eponymous Humongous Mecha is a Combining Mecha formed by three parts: Mazinger Z, the Hover Pilder and the Jet Scrander. The Photon Atomic Power Research Institute is protected by three Humongous Mecha: Mazinger Z, Aphrodite A and Boss Borot. Throughout the series three FemBots show up: Aphrodite A, Minerva X and Diana A. Prof. Yumi is aided by three scientists (Profs. Morimori, Sewashi and Nossori). The Boss’ gang is formed by three members: Boss, Nuke and Mucha. Dr. Hell never had more than three Co Dragons at once, and several times he sent three mecha teams to take down his enemies (Aeros B1, B2 and B3; Megaron P1, P2 and P3). Baron Ashura kidnapped three workers of the Institute in one episode (Kasuya, Kata and Yokoi). A Mechanical Beast could split in three parts could act and attack independently. Wholesale Replica Bags

replica goyard handbags Formerly known as snowfoxofdeath. Mysterious technical things went wrong and Snowy Foxes decided that this handle was nicer, so she’ll let snowfoxofdeath die. It should be noted that snowfoxofdeath had little interest in telling the truth and many things she said about herself were outright fabrications made for her own amusement. Snowy is a more accurate representation of the person typing these words and she would be happy to bust some myths for you via PM. She is fond of, inexplicably or otherwise: cute stuffed animals, cute actual animals, wool socks, lolita fashion, procrastinating on homework, working on pieces of long fiction, video games, tea, and oversized sweaters. She is not fond of, inexplicably or otherwise: math, the various inconveniences caused by having ADHD PI, raw tomatoes, Donald Trump, and the student loan payments looming over her head replica goyard handbags.

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