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But our Venn diagram suggests that perhaps you should

25.07.2013 by Elena JJJ | Filed under Без рубрики.

Draw a Venn diagram you know, two partially overlapping circles. Label one sector and the other sector. A large part of government operations is nothing like business, despite frequent calls to government like a business. The government could perhaps be more business like in how it, say, processes welfare applications and payments, but the actual function of income transfer or relief of the needy is never going to operate a business because, by definition, it is a money loser designed to function outside the market. (Of course, even that distinction is blurring these days: As Foreign Policy has noted, once Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defined her foreign policy strategy at her confirmation hearings as embracing power, contractors soon look[ed] to cash in, building their portfolios in health and human rights not theretofore generally recognized as lines are many areas where governments perform missions more business like than purely governmental. The Post Office is a good example certainly, pay for service letter and parcel delivery is something private businesses can, and do, offer. Many areas of insurance also fall in this region of overlap. Why have government involved at all, then? A main reason: when these functions tend to monopoly. One of the leading pejoratives conservatives throw at government is that it functions as a which is correct. Sometimes, monopolies are unavoidable even desirable, as, say, in Weber definition of the state as the of legitimate force. complaints are common that government should be more like business, you never hear anyone say that business should be more like government. But our Venn diagram suggests that perhaps you should. Sometimes, businesses look and act a lot more like a government and the closer they come to exercising a monopoly, the more true this is. There is a difference between a Mom Pop grocery in New York City, the proverbial town that controls all employment in an isolated area, and a Facebook that essentially holds the only pipeline of its sort connecting 10 percent of all people on earth. That why Facebook, until now a closely held company, has faced rebellions over privacy and lack of customer control like those generally confronting governments, not businesses like a Mom Pop, and perhaps why the company, according to ForeSee Results, an approval rating close to that of the IRS. businesses need constraints like we place on government. It time to move beyond reflexive prescriptions for mutually exclusive public and private sectors and start looking at how each functions in specific instances in the real world of the 21st Century.

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