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Shower of Angst: Nagisa takes an angsty bath

26.05.2013 by Elena JJJ | Filed under Без рубрики.

Odd Friendship: Between the serious and aloof Nagisa and the fanciful Cloud Cuckoolander Umino. Our Mermaids Are Different: According to Umino, mermaids can be transformed into humans by witches, in exchange for walking with an imperfect pair of legs and with the risk that they will turn into sea foam and fade away if they don’t find a «true friend» in one months time. Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Mokuzu is described as a beautiful girl with dark eyes and hair plus pale skin. Shout Out: Mokuzu’s stories of being a mermaid are right out of The Little Mermaid. So is her father saying she became sea foam after murdering her. Shower of Angst: Nagisa takes an angsty bath. Her mom then tells her about Mokuzu’s disabilities which makes stuff in the past a lot clearer. This only makes Nagisa start crying. Small Town Boredom: Nagisa’s primary motivation for wanting to join the JSDF. The Snark Knight: Nagisa seems to fit this; most of her snark is kept to her inner monologue. Nagisa: «Aren’t they amazing? They can go on forever talking about pointless subjects. Even I’m beginning to admire them for it.»

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